Dr Daniel Adler

So You’re Thinking About Getting a Dog

This pandemic has led to a lot of families deciding to welcome a new furry family member into the household.…
Dr Daniel Adler

Hip Dysplasia and Chiropractic Care

I regularly get asked what chiropractic care can do for a dog with hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a large…

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

A tough fact of life is that emergencies happen. When we think about emergency plans, we often think about insurance…
Dr Daniel Adler

Caring For That Older Dog

It’s tough to see our beloved dogs get up there in age. Aging is something we know will happen to…
Dr Daniel Adler

Why Choose Chiropractic Care for Your Pets

If you poll a group of people and ask them if they have ever heard of chiropractic care for dogs,…

Dog vs. Horses

Dogs and horses can be quite similar in many ways. They’re playful, they’re thoughtful, they make great companions and really…


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