Can any chiropractor adjust animals?

It takes a lot of work and additional course work to become certified to treat animals so not all chiropractors are allowed to. Providing chiropractic care to animals brings with it a whole new set of challenges and required expertise so make sure that anyone that provides spinal adjustments to your animals is certified to do so.

Where are you located?

Wherever I need to be! I operate on a mobile basis so I come to you to see your animals at home or wherever they are. I am based out of Burlington, Ontario but often travel to Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, and Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond. Often times dogs are happier being treated in their own home because it is where they feel the most comfortable.

Do I need a veterinarian referral to see you?

No referral is necessary. You are free to contact me directly and if something comes up during our assessment that I think requires a veterinarian I will let you know.

What is a spinal adjustment and what does it do?

When the joints in the spine don't move as well as they should it starts to create local sensitivity, muscle tension and pain. A spinal adjustment is a specific action meant to get the proper motion back into a stuck joint. Adjustments help to reduce muscle tension, increase mobility and decrease pain. They do not usually cause any discomfort to your pet and are most often well received.

How do I know if my pet needs a chiropractor?

Some signs of pain can be quite obvious such as limps. Other signs can be a bit more subtle such as shying away from being petted, reluctance to go up or down stairs, not shaking off water, avoiding being petter and behavioural changes. With horses you can notice swapping leads, reluctance to be saddled or decreased performance. These can all be signs that your pet is in pain and can benefit from seeing a certified animal chiropractor.

There doesn’t necessarily have to even be a noticeable problem to see me. I recommend wellness care making sure your animals are moving well and feeling their best to prevent future pains and injuries. Prevention is key!

What do visits normally look like?

The initial visit can be between 30 minutes to an hour and during that time I will take a detailed history of your pet’s concerns and general health issues. It will also involve a physical exam including a gait exam, nerve testing and spinal assessment. The information will all be discussed with you that day and we will start our adjustments at that time. Follow up visits are about 15 minutes where we discuss progress, adjust the spine and review exercises.

What is the difference between veterinary spinal manipulation and chiropractic care for animals?

They are the same thing except for terminology. A chiropractor cannot use the term “veterinary” as we aren’t veterinarians and a veterinarian cannot use the term “chiropractic” as they aren’t chiropractors. Otherwise it is the same certification and same skills.

What animals do you treat?

The most common animals I treat are dogs, cats and horses. That doesn’t mean I don’t treat other animals! Cows, sheep, goats and donkeys are all welcome too. If you’re not sure if I can help, just ask!

Do you also treat humans?

Yes! In Kitchener-Waterloo you can find me at Lavender Lane (lavenderlaneptw.ca), in Burlington at Burlington Physiotherapy & Health Clinic (burlingtonphysiotherapyhc.ca) and elsewhere I am happy to provide chiropractic care to you in the comfort of your own home when I'm already there helping out your pets.

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