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It’s tough to see our beloved dogs get up there in age. Aging is something we know will happen to every dog but it’s still hard to watch. There are quite a few changes and challenges in caring for an older dog as compared to a younger puppy or middle aged dog They slow down, stop being interested in the games they used to love to play and seem to be in more and more discomfort. There are things that you can do to increase your dog’s comfort in his/her golden years. Here is a few things that you can do to help make life easier on them and you:

  • Let them lead the walks: Don’t push your older dog too hard. Let them set the pace and the distance of the walk. Don’t walk them to the point that they are in pain by the time you get home.
  • Focus on frequency of walks, not duration: If your dog still enjoys going for walks but seems in pain after, focus on more frequent but shorter walks. Give them plenty of rest between walks. It is better to do 3 10 minute walks than one half hour walk.
  • Speak to your vet about joint support supplements. Anti-inflammatory supplements and joint health supplements can help reduce the discomfort of arthritis so speak to your veterinarian about the ideal type for your dog
  • Check your floors: Modern flooring styles, such as hardwood, vinyl or laminate, can be quite slippery and difficult for older dogs. Try putting carpet runners down to give your dog more traction. Any extra bit of support that gives them more grip on a slippery surface will be highly appreciated by your dog.
  • Get some toe grips: If you don’t have the carpet runners or don’t want to put them down, try toe grips. Socks for their feet with grips on the bottom can be quite helpful for helping them walk on slippery surfaces
  • Don’t force stairs: If your dog is reluctant to go up/down stairs, don’t make them. Stairs are difficult for dogs to begin with so if they are in pain, they will likely be hesitant to tackle them

Last, but absolutely not the least,:

  • Get them adjusted!: A chiropractic adjustment can reduce pain, improve mobility and helps keep them comfortable.


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